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Cancelling SAGE 50 Cloud Accounts Client manager

Cancelling SAGE 50 Cloud Accounts Client manager

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I have moved my in house client base over to Xero Bureau/VT and am looking to cancel my monthly payment to SAGE 50 Cloud Accounts Client manager.

I have read that access to the product ceases as soon as this as done with no ability to view the historic data within SAGE. Is this correct?


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By Moonbeam
09th Jul 2019 08:31

I think it will depend on whether you had a monthly subscription or not. I suspect you probably did have a monthly sub, in which case I'm sure that access will cease as soon as you cancel the payment.
That's been a bugbear for me over the years when I've wanted to cancel Sage. I've had to keep it going for that reason, and now I've got new clients on Sage so I'm stuck with it and their exhorbitant costs.

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