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CanDo Innovation Summit 20th November 2019

Venturefest Scotland

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Some may know that the CanDO Innovation Summit on the 20th November 2019 is back at the Glasgow Science Centre.  Some will remember Venturefest 2017 and very unique and excellent conference.   Quite a few members here in the past have commented how good it is, definitely one of the best conferences I have attended.  Are any other accountants here going and if so it would be nice to meet up? 

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By Duggimon
23rd Aug 2019 09:22

I'd not heard about this before. I've booked in, hopefully when November rolls around I can afford the day off, sounds like it'll be worth it.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By sarah douglas
23rd Aug 2019 13:17

Hi Dugimon

It has been held every second year. I always come out very inspired and always learning a lot.

I think as accountants we get obsessed with accounting conferences but what I love about the Can Do summit it really is from the business point of view and investors and what they want to see from figures and scaling up.

It is a good mix. After all, we are the ones that should be helping them. The food is excellent and you are well fed which helps you stay focussed.

Remember to cancel I think a week before if you can’t make it. The catering is very good and definitely worth a day off for the learning alone.

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By sarah douglas
23rd Aug 2019 13:11

Scotland Can Do Innovation Summit 20-11-19

Supported by Scottish Enterprise, The Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council, Scottish Funding Council, Innovate UK

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By marks
23rd Aug 2019 23:01

i remember speaking to someone last year who went to the event in 2017 and said it was one of they best events they had ever been too.

I have always looked for it happening again so thanks Sarah for pointing out.

Happy to catch up if you like at it.

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By sarah douglas
24th Aug 2019 11:14

Hi Marks

Thank you that would be great to meet up. I will keep an on this post and closer to the time when we had a look at the more detailed program we can arrange a time to meet up.

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