Cannot find the JRS portal

Am I looking in the right place?

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I'm an employeer registered for PAYE and I'm logged in via Government Gateway to my where I check my PAYE and Corporation Tax accounts. My RTI submissions are sent via Moneysoft.

I cannot find the JRS portal - am I looking in the right place?

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By rememberscarborough
20th Apr 2020 10:20

I had the same problem so used the link from BBC business section. Use the link then it will ask you to login and take you straight to the claim section

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20th Apr 2020 10:22

Go to here (may need to login first if not already)

On the guidance (if you are directed there instead) here should be a green CLICK HERE button halfway down.

Pain in the [***] - I had to web chat an advisor to get this!

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By SXGuy
20th Apr 2020 11:39

It did send me all round the houses, when you log in to your tax account theres a section under paye for Covid 19. If you click the 2nd link, the following down to how to claim, theres a part that mentions calculations or whether you already know how to pay, if you click that link it opens yet another page where at the top theres a section of words surrounded by a box, click on that and it will run you through the claim process.

Sorry if I haven't made myself clear, but ive just finished all my claims and don't really wish to try and go through it all again :)

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By SXGuy
20th Apr 2020 11:50

Found a direct link for you.

Not sure if It will let you sign in first, but I was already signed in, so maybe do that first, then open a new browser and paste this link

The claim button is just a little way down from the top.

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