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Can't get through to HMRC PAYE 'helpline'

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I've been trying to get through to HMRC PAYE help line for a week now, and keep getting told they are too busy and getting hung up on.   This of course after spending two to three minutes on their rubbish AVR system and listening to how much I can do online, as if I didn't already know.

Anyone else struggling to get through?

I've got a client who is copping interest on outstanding amounts owing.  The outstanding amount is the £3k employers allowance for which we had already sent an EPS and taken into account in our RTI filings, but I have no idea how to get HMRC to update their side without calling them.

Any ideas?

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By Payrollgal
22nd Jul 2019 13:46

Like AW71 I always use online chat, but that has been awful the last few weeks as well. Looks like holiday season is in full swing!

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By waldron
22nd Jul 2019 14:13

I had the situation that they applied the allowance despite me sending an EPS to indicate otherwise. The solution was to download paye tools and force through an EPS until the flag is set correctly. I was able to take this approach to correct 4 tax years.

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By Southwestbeancounter
22nd Jul 2019 17:39

I've just eventually got through to them chasing a PAYE refund for a client which I initially applied for on 19th June to be told that the expected refund date is on the system as 9th October!!! I could write to the Employers Office apparently but that wouldn't make it arrive any quicker or I could FAX(!) them but that would have no effect either! HMRC are now beyond a joke and very harmful to accountants' health especially in the blood pressure department! I suggested that I fancied going ski-ing over Christmas and would get the SA returns in sometime in May as that seemed on a par but my gritted teeth 'humour' wasn't appreciated!! Something has to be done about this ridiculous state of affairs and fast!! Grrrrr...........

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By Moonbeam
22nd Jul 2019 17:50

I call them at 8.00 am sharp and have always found it easy to get through up to now. Worth a try.

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By LostinSuspense
24th Jul 2019 11:21

As part of my legacy dealings, I got a PAYE assessment letter through due to the last PAYE return for 2018/19 being filed late (understandable, the accountant was in failing health at the time). I downloaded the HMRC PAYE software, filed the return (£nil) and a nil return for April before shutting down the PAYE scheme (there are no employees now).

I even spoke to HMRC when I received the determination letter, explaining why it was late and that there was no PAYE due (I couldn't get login access to the company records at the time).

Lo and behold the other Director got a telephone call from a nice lady (genuine) wanting to make an appointment to visit regarding the outstanding balance. I rang up spoke to her, explained the situation, then when I logged in, noticed the March 2019 determination as still showing. Four days later (about 12 weeks since filing the return) the company now shows as not having a PAYE scheme.

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