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Capital Allowance claims on rental property

Capital Allowance claims on rental property

So it a couple own a rental property they can get an agreement of the split of profit / loss (if they want something different to 50:50)

Can this also be done with a capital allowance claim on the property?


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23rd Feb 2012 17:35

residential or commercial property?

If the property is residential, and not FHL, there is no scope for a capital allowances claim.

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By occca
23rd Feb 2012 17:37


It's a residential HMO

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By plummy1
11th Mar 2012 22:14


The scope for claiming capital allowances on HMOs has decreased dramatically. Many capital allowances specialists have questioned whether you can even claim capital allowance on HMOs at all. Only expenditure between December 2008 to October 21st 2010 can be claimed without fear of challenge.


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