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Capital allowances on solar panels - 8%?

Can company get 100% allowance on solar panels

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Just got client's data to do accounts to March 2019 and solar panels have been installed.  Client apparently told could claim 100% allowance by salesman but as far as I can see they count as integral features & only 8% allowance claimable.  Am I wrong & salesman right?

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By Duggimon
06th Jun 2019 16:46

You can get AIA on integral features but as far as I know the enhanced FYA don't apply to regular solar panels.

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By lionofludesch
06th Jun 2019 17:10

If you categorise these are integral features, you need to be claiming AIA on them in priority to any AIA on the 18% pool additions.

If the AIA covers all your additions, you're grand.

The 8% rate only applies to the balance after you've claimed AIA, which, with a bit of luck, will be zero.

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By ms998
07th Jun 2019 14:21

100% CA still available for energye efficent products on certain lists?

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