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Capital allowances on sole trader van

Capital allowances on sole trader van


New to site so please be gentle.

I have been asked to complete a friends self assessment for the tax year ending April 2011.

He's a bedroom fitter and owns his own van which has had for a number of years. The bookkeeper who filed his previous tax returns did not take into account any capital allowances for his van.

Even though he has not purchashed the van during the tax year we want to start claiming capital allowances against it. Can I start as if it's the first year or even back date any of the allowances?  

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks



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By marks
20th Jan 2012 23:31

Can claim WDA 20%

Hi Jonny

As no allowances have been claimed you can start claiming in the current tax year but can only claim 20% WDA not AIA as it wasnt bought this year.

You could go back and claim AIA for the year when the van was bought but this would mean amending the tax return for that period (provided you still can amend it).



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By Jonny
to Michael C Feltham
22nd Jan 2012 19:38

Many thanks Mark for your quick response.


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By gravo
15th Aug 2015 10:23

new van

I rent 3 properties out which I own outright I am also a part time window cleaner. I was thinking of leasing a brand new van against my tax which is around 1600 pound a year would it be beneficial to me thanks. graham

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