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Capital Allowances on Storage Shed ?

Can you claim IA on purchase of a new shed to store business stocks ?

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Shed cost approx £3,000, Installation costs including electrics etc and the base cost a further £2,000. 

Is any of this eligible for tax relief  via capiatl allowances ?


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12th Jan 2019 16:39

I would judge this as outbuilding therefore can't be classed as part of CA. You might be able to claim some of these £2,000 as part of integral fixtures.

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12th Jan 2019 16:41

Nichola Ross Martin has an excellent summary of what qualifies - see

My instinct says no, but check the list.

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12th Jan 2019 16:56

If a shed's not a building, I don't know what is.

Agree that some of the £2000 might be integrals though.

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By Matrix
12th Jan 2019 17:24

I think the shed itself may have to be capable of being moved and actually be moved in the course of trade to qualify.

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