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Capital Allowances on Wedding Car

Capital Allowances on Wedding Car

I've had a client walk in who has purchased an Aston Martin DB9 to use for wedding hire. The vehicle will be driven to the wedding / function to collect the person involved and is always supplied with a driver.

My question is - is there any scope of a higher capital allowance claim rather than the usual £3,000 for an expensive car. The car will be used wholly for weddings / functions and will be garaged the rest of the time. There will be zero private use. As they live on a farm, the garage is at their "house".

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Simon Cook


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14th Oct 2008 06:01

Members of the public?
Wouldn't the client make it available to members of the public? It looks like the car is expected to be wanted for weddings but I'm sure the client would hire it to anybody who paid the rate.

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By pawncob
13th Oct 2008 18:18

Sorry Mr Bond
Unless it's available for hire to members of the public (not a limited class) then it's subject to CA restrictions.

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