Capital gains calculation with corporate actions

Detailing capital gains on self-assessment where shares have undergone corporate actions

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Some shares are held by an individual in Company C plc.     They were originally held in Company A plc.  As a result of a merger the Company A shares were exchanged for Company B shares (the shareholder had no option to sell or receive cash).   Similarly, as a result of another later merger Company B shares were exhanged for Company C shares  (the shareholder had no option to sell or receive cash).

The shareholder does now want to dispose of all the shares held in company C plc.   My understanding is that the acquisition cost will be to orignal acquisition cost of Company A and that can be used to calculate the resulting capital gain.    

My question is : Would it suffice for the individual's self-assessment purposes to simply put the original cost of Company A shares without detailing the two corporate events (share excahnge to Company B, share exchange to Company C) since both events were simply mandatory corporate actions the details of which don't effect the ultimate capital gain?   


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By TheTaxMan_
28th Feb 2024 21:32

Yes, just enter the cost of the original shares on the return as your base cost. I would add detail in the white space regarding the share exchange.

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