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Capital gains on LLP investment account

Can we avoid CGT on the closure of an investment account if the gains are left in the LLP

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Our LLP has an investment account that it no longer makes sense to keep, so we'd like to close it.

It has a capital gain of c£50k of with each Member would have a share, and pay CGT on. We don't particularly want to take the money out of the LLP, so if it was moved to the LLP account, or used to purchase furniture/fixings for the LLP would that mean that CGT would not be payable by the Memebers?

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By stepurhan
13th Jun 2019 17:08

Why anonymous?

Start from the difference between limited companies and LLPs and work from there.

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Hallerud at Easter
13th Jun 2019 18:36

What particular chargeable assets are being sold to trigger a chargeable gain is the starting point? Your mention of "investment account" does not actually explain your issue/concern.

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