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Capital Gains Tax Property

Amending return

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Submitted a 30 day CGT return for a non-SA taxpayer.  Now got payslip to 5 April 2021 and should amend return for actual income.  Can't trace the return on Government website (sigh), no obvious contact number, HMRC not answering phone, hate being a beta tester, giving up the will to live.

There is a small tax repayment, but the hassle far exceeds the repayment.  I think this might be quite common.  Thinking of just reducing the agreed fee and leaving the Capital Gains Tax as is.  

Sensible pragmatic approach?

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By lionofludesch
14th Apr 2021 16:11

It's certainly one solution.

Whether I'd knock 100% of the tax overpaid off my bill is a moot point. Whose fault was it? Don't forget that the taxpayer is saving your fee - is he really worse off ?

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By Paul D Utherone
14th Apr 2021 16:40

There were reports a few days back (around 8 April IIRC) of old 30 day CGT returns having disappeared from that part of HMRC online, but it apparently sorted itself out a couple of days later. Maybe it is/was something to do with that and if you go back to your Agent Services Account - not your Agent Account covering SA, CT, etc., obviously as that would be far too sensible - maybe you will be able to find it again

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