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Capital gains tax software for share trading

Capital Gains Tax Software for Share Trading

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Good afternoon one and all,

I've recently acquired a client who buys and sells shares semi-frequently. He's not a day trader, but he does trade somewhere in the region of 15-30 times per year.

He's made large gains on these and not realised he should be reporting them via a personal tax return, and instructed me to complete it for him.

I'm aware of the matching rules and how they should be applied, but it's a long and tedius process when he is buying and selling so frequently, establishing the pools, more so because he trades the same stocks as well.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for software that could automatically calculate this for me if I could provide the necessary details - he's my only client who is involved with this, just wanting to save time and prevent the risk of errors but for a low cost.

Any recommendations are appreciated, and thanks for taking your time out to read this



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Ivor Windybottom
By Ivor Windybottom
03rd Aug 2020 14:58

As people suggest... check with your software provider in the first instance, as they may already have a workable solution.

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Replying to Ivor Windybottom:
By BradW91
11th Aug 2020 07:36

Many thanks for this link it was really helpful!

Very much appreciated :)

All the best

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