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capital losses b/f

Are they lost?

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I have a client that made a cpaital loss about 8 years ago and the losses were being brought forward each year.  But they were dropped off the return in 2014/15.  Obviously out of time to amend that year's tax return.  Is there any way to retrieve these losses now? 

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By lionofludesch
05th Mar 2018 17:58

I'd just claim them if the only problem was someone forgot to put them on the return.

Is this a company or an individual ?

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By WillowTree
06th Mar 2018 08:15

Its an individual. I was always under the impression they had to be b/f & c/f on each year's return in order to retain them but would be more than happy to find out this isn't the case!

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By Matrix
05th Mar 2018 18:16

I am not sure that they have to go on every return to continue the carry forward. I don't recall a brought forward and carry forward box on the 16-17 tax return but I may be wrong.

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By cathygrimmer
06th Mar 2018 09:45

Provided the loss was claimed in the first place, it will be carried forward indefinitely whether included in later tax returns or not.

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