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Car dealer accounting Software??

Car dealer accounting Software??


Any experience or suggestions of good accounting software to use for car dealers?? That can deal with margin scheme and preferably have some vehicle/ workshop stock management built in.


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By Glennzy
04th Mar 2016 14:08

Click dealer or Dealer Click

I forget which way around it is.

It is geared up for independent operators and is very good. A car is entered into stock from its Reg NO, this then updates the company website/autotrader adverts etc. it deals with all the costs for margin scheme and does all the things needed for VAT and allows you to operate a workshop shop as well.

It is a fully balanced accounting system but the finance reporting is not ideal but it does like to Sage 50 if you want better finance reporting.

I think its about £80 per month but does a lot more than just the accounts.

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08th Mar 2016 10:50

DMS Software

Hi there, a friend of mine has a software application that he has developed called Dealer Management Software or DMS for short. If you would like I can put you in touch.

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