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Career after Degree with 3 years experience

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Hi All

I am about to graduate in Accounting and Finance at uni, i also am working a full time job as an accounts assistant at a small company for 3 years now. I am at an inpass with that to do afterwards. I do not want to apply for graduate roles as generally they want people without experience and i feel like it would be similar  work i have already done. I would like any advice on what paths I could take forward

What salary and roles should i expect to receive/apply for at this current level? i also intend to study acca afterwards?

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By Moonbeam
28th May 2021 16:31

So much depends on what level of experience you've acquired over 3 years. Just the phrase "accounts assistant" leads me to worry that the experience might be quite poor.
You really must look for another job in a bigger organisation. What do the agencies say?

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Replying to Moonbeam:
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By tom123
29th May 2021 09:25

Or, could be a quite thorough grounding in the operation of a complex finance system in a big organisation - who knows?

Accounts assistant probably goes hand in hand with, (at least) finance manager - so a reasonable size department.

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By Paul Crowley
28th May 2021 21:26

The great divide is practice and industry.

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By tom123
29th May 2021 09:23

Hi Themba,

As Paul says, the 'divide' is practice versus industry. Sounds like you are currently in the 'industry' part.

I am an FD in manufacturing, and have never worked in practice. I am CIMA qualified.

It continues to provide a very good living, although I do wonder where future trends will continue - such as offshoring entire finance functions to lower cost countries.

Beware the grass being greener - and also a lot of people's careers only make sense looking backwards.

Try to maximise any opportunities in front of you. Will your existing employer fund studying for example?

Those coming to the end of formal education are often used to a bit of an annual calendar of change. 'real life' is a little bit more random than that - so don't worry too much about, for example, having to be qualified in three years or whatever.

Neither is working for a big accountancy firm a bed of roses either.

Good luck - I am sure it will work out.

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By Brend201
04th Jun 2021 10:45

Some good replies already. Good on-the-job training and experience are useful and can usually be found with larger organisations in industry or various sizes of accounting firms, depending on where your future interests lie. Don't exclude graduate roles on the basis that you will be repeating stuff you have already done - that is unlikely to be the case. As employers for more information. I trained in an accounting firm after college but have always worked in industry or commerce and the training has always stood to me.

You are obviously a hard worker, holding down a full-time job while studying. Good luck. (And, BTW, it's "impasse" - so be sure to check your CV and letters for accuracy before you send them to potential employers.)

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