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Carers Allowance 2016/17

Child's date of birth relevant?

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Client is a foster carer. Tax relief is based on a fixed amount of £10,000 plus a weekly amount depending on the childs age. Under 11 the allowance is £200 per week and for over 11 it is £250 per week. Help Sheet 236 does not make it clear if the child has to be 11 at the start of the tax year. Can anyone advise? The child in question reached 11 on the 5th October 2016.

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By SteveRA
30th Apr 2017 15:44

Because the allowance is weekly (either £200 or £250) I think the year can be split so that the allowance is increased in the week the child reached their 11 th birthday.

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By SteveHa
02nd May 2017 10:06

I used to have a serial fosterer client, and always split the year where the age was in issue.

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