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Cars 100% capital allowance

Cars 100% capital allowance

Can anyone remind me where I can find a list of the cars which currently fulfill the requirements for the 100% first year allowance
Helen Brown


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By Anonymous
18th Oct 2005 18:46

CO2 emissions less than 120g/km
You need to access the CO2 data for the cars in question.

The following page is somewhere for you to make start, as it lists the "10 best" fuel efficient / CO2-friendly vehicles:-

Most magazines aimed at car buyers now list the CO2 emissions of new cars.

Apart from the 100% FYA tax break, other incentives include :-

>> Vehicle Excise Duty can be as low as £65 pa.

>> Some vehicles are exempted from the £8 per day Congestion Charge in London.

>> Low CO2 emissions also can mean low BIK so potentially a saving in Class 1A NIC for the employer and Income Tax for the employee.

>> Low CO2 vehicles are also low fuel consumption cars, so saving money for the employer or driver.

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19th Oct 2005 10:46

Have a look at - there is detailed list of all models under 120gms/Co2 and it also gives an indication of the taxable benefit on each vehicle!

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