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Cartoon anyone?

Cartoon anyone?

Unusual one this - anyone fancy themselves as the next Giles? I need a cartoon to replace the grim pic of me on my website. Anyone out there fancy themself as a budding Giles or Dilbert? If so then you get a massive plug, endless publicity in return for doing something that will be appreciated forever. Who knows, you could become a website illustrator in your coffee/tea break?
Dennis Howlett


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31st Oct 2005 22:52

Send me an e-mail
Hi Dennis

As nobody has yet replied, send me an e-mail and I'll pass on your request to a friend of mine. He used to be a graphic artist and he did a wonderful cartoon of me in the guise of Superman for my 50th.

I can't guarantee that he will want the job, but I can ask. If you attach a photo he should be able to do it from that, if willing. I don't know what he would charge, but if he's interested I will put him in touch with you.

e-mail [email protected]

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