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CASC accounts for Corporation tax purposes.

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I have a client that is a CASC that has been asked to complete a Corporation Tax return by HMRC. I can submit the accounts for the return as a PDF attachment rather than IXBRL. However, the software I use doesn't produce CASC accounts and I am loath to buy software that does. The CASC is not incorporated and as such doesnt have to submit accounts in accordance with the Companies Act.

Will a simple P&L and Balance Sheet which I can produce using the bookkeeping software surfice or do HMRC expect the accounts to be submitted in a certain format?  If they need to be submitted in a precribed format is there anywhere I can get a proforma set of accounts where I can fill in the blanks?

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By lionofludesch
25th Jun 2018 11:37

As far as I know, you can do as you wish provided you include enough information to establish the tax liability.

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