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Cases and hmrc updates. Android.

Cases and hmrc updates. Android.

I use an android phone and was wondering what was the best way to keep up to date with notifications from tax cases and hmrc updates are. I login to bailii and hmrc sites on a regular basis but I would like to be able to get updates sent by email or by rss. I am new to this technology and was wondering what others do. Are there any other sites or resources? I do subscribe to smith I like the idea of rss but don't quite understand it. nd wiliamson which provides email updates. Are there any others? I am interested in keeping up to date with cases, commentary and hmrc practice.


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31st May 2012 10:25


I use old fashioned mobile phone technology. I can't quite bring myself to go back to having a breeze-block in my pocket.

I use google reader for rss feeds from HMRC and others. I'm sure google must have an rss app.

Twitter's good though for updates, if you follow HMRC, Taxation, CCH, leading commentators, etc. Oh... and AWeb of course! And and I know you can definitely get Twitter on an Android phone, even though I don't use one.

I've never come across anything RSS or Twitter for Bailii or the Tribunals Service, but if you follow the right people, you'll find out about the latest significant cases.

On top of that, you get to find out where everybody is every hour of the day!

And then you'll soon be tweeting and blogging yourself!

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