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Cash Book linked to cashflow forecast

Cash Book linked to cashflow forecast


I am new to this and I have been asked to set up the following:

  1. Cash books (Per currency of GBP, EURO and USD

Set up shared cash books for day to day postings of all receipts and payments, exportable receipts format of PDF for credit control purposes and linked to a cash forecast for comparsion and for input to main software programme.

Can someone help me with any excel template I can use to create as per above?

I am deaf and I dont have much experience with Excel and I am currently undergoing AAT.

Your help would be very much appreicated.

Thank you


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By Cube
21st Feb 2013 13:27

Cash-book software perhaps includes:

Moneysoft Money Manager 7 - has a good cash-flow forecast, will produce .pdf's.

VT Cash Book - will produce .pdf's and export .csv files.


Cash-book spreadsheet template:


Other spreadsheet resources:


I hope that this helps.


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