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Cash flow software or online tools

Cash flow software or online tools

I use an excel workbook to manage my business bank account and project forward. I have a sheet for each month. In the current month, the sheet shows all actual transactions to date with actual bank balance, then a section below for remaining monies in and out, showing projected balance at month end.

Further monthly sheets keep the balance rolling forward for next 12 months based on expected monies in and out. Most clients pay by SO and I add new client SO's when they sign up.

Monies out are easy too, showing rent/wages/overheads/Vat/income tax at the relevant points.

I would love to have this in a package of some sort but think most cash flow tools out there are either for purely projections or are based on sales/purchase ledger payment dates.

I want actual reconciled bank balance and then rolling this forward based on the specific info noted above. Perhaps my needs are too specific?


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23rd Dec 2012 09:01

Me Too


I too would like one of these because, like you, I have developed it in Excel.

All the 'packaged' software I have seen fall down in common areas like VAT, Corporation Tax payments and Dividends. I use Quickbooks which has a cash flow report but of course it doesn't handle those items. So I wrote my own spreadsheet.

I wonder how many different but similar spreadsheets are littering up the disk drives of small business computers? Lots I am sure.

Enjoy Christmas with what is probably an excellent Cash Flow forecaster!


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By Sarah P
24th Dec 2012 13:33

Me too!
The benefit of using Excel is that your model can be easily flexed and updated over time. I use Excel for both client and practice cash flow forecasting and have done for years.

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By tom123
24th Dec 2012 19:40

The problem is the level of detail

I think the problem here is the level of detail - everyone will want something different.

When I was forecasting in my previous job cash was so tight that I needed to show every direct debit on the expected day of collection.

In my current role, I just put an amount in for 'other utilities' around the middle of the month for a round sum of thousands.

VAT is always tricky. If you start from P&L account budget that will not include VAT - whereas of course for cash flow you need to.

Having said that, if someone came out with a decent tool to do this I am sure there would be a wide market.

Happy Christmas, just waiting to be Santa in this house. My daughter has never been so keen to get to bed.



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By alattax
27th Dec 2012 13:55

You could look at Money Manager from Moneysoft.

It will do what you want, and all coding is set entirely by you so it is as flexible as you need it to be.

It will keep an up to date actual reconciled bank balance. The expected future transactions are easily entered for the remainder of the period (up to 36 months) and then amended, or deleted, if the actual turns out differently.

It is a complete accounting package with sales ledger, purchase ledger and easily deals with VAT, with VAT analysis reports which make it easy to spot obvious errors.

You can try it for a month before you decide. I’m a satisfied user for the last 20 years.   


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18th Jan 2013 16:06


Kashflow is good for repeat transactions and can handle VAT, not really intended for cashflow projections though.

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By b1lly
24th Jan 2013 13:49

You could try Xero accounting.

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