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Cash flow statements - IFRS Group Accounts

Cash flow statements - IFRS Group Accounts

I am preparing a set of consolidated accounts under IFRS and have included a consolidated statement of cashflows (obviously), but I am unsure whether or not I need to include a seperate statement for the company only?

I know this isn't necessary under UK GAAP, but I understand that the exemptions that apply under FRS 1 don't apply under IFRS, and wondered if this was one of those exemptions?

Any guidance on this would be much appreciated!


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03rd Mar 2016 14:30

Regrettably, after the ICAEW kicked our backside over us not including one on one client who went IFRS, I can confirm a cashflow is also needed for the company as well the group.

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03rd Mar 2016 14:42

I thought this might be the case. Thanks for the reply!

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