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Cash grant for clients without rates bills?

clients operating from business centres, no rates bill, what are the options?

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Hi all,

Has anyone found out what help if any is available to companies/sole traders etc operating from serviced offices or where the landlord is including the rates in the rent or simply has not separated the property for rates purposes? or where a client did not register with councils for rates in time.

Thanks for any help in advance

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By spilly
05th Apr 2020 23:41

Variants of this question have been answered in numerous posts over the last couple of weeks, why have you not searched for answers to your queries first? Anyway, as we have been instructed by Sift to be kind to non-accountants (even though this is supposed to be a site for those in the accountancy business), here are the basics.
The landlord is the business entity that will get any rates-related grants, not the business renting from them.
They could apply for a Government-backed business loan. No personal Director guarantees needed for smaller companies, and it is interest-free for a year.
Then there is the Job Protection scheme for employees; search for the numerous other posts on this site.
Sole traders can get a grant based on their prior years tax returns; again, see other posts.

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blue sheep
06th Apr 2020 10:08

Our local council have said the following -
"The Government also expects that where the landlord receives a grant, for example, in a property where several small businesses share space, then the landlord will be expected to share the grant with the tenants. You should speak to your landlord if this applies to you"

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By Newb121
13th Apr 2020 00:40

Ok thanks, apparently our local council is aiming to handle such claims too,but obviously with some detailed checks and verifications

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