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Cash strapped businesses and R&D

Almost unbelievable the number of cash strapped businesses that carry out R&D

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Has anyone else observed a trend in companies who are stuggling for cash getting in tow with R&D "specialists" who helpfully discover they are carrying out R&D and hey presto, a big R&D credit comes in. 

Strangely...none of these companies ever seem to be interested in sellig thier grounbreaking work, or even using it to improve their own profitability. 

Bizarre to say the least.

On the plus side I had no idea that my local area was such a hub for research and development. We'll all be driving water powered hover cars down our way soon enough going by the amount of innovation taking place. 

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
20th May 2019 16:26

I have several software companies on the "borrow loads of money, get a grant and R&D tax credits" business model.

They all go pop within 3-4 years so hardly long term clients, but they seem to then go on........and do it all again with different business partners or contract to other firms doing the same, hence my stream of them.

On the plus side you never had to worry about dividends. Or sales or anything like that.

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By Roland195
20th May 2019 16:51

The timeframe for the repayments being issued is too small to have any human involved but no doubt the company will be long since gone if HMRC ever get round to an enquiry.

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