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Need a 3-way forecasting tool for multi-entity and multi-currency.

However, struggling to find one that allows forecasting based on additional client unit sales, losing clients (churn) and growing existing accounts rather than a general % increase in revenue.  Unless we have received the wrong demos.

Likewise, headcount is a big thing, we have a hiring list and move around start dates and salaries (with resulting changes in NI, bonus line etc) but this doesn't seem to work.

We use Xero (and a lot of excel) and don't have the budget for something like Vena but Futrili, Spotlight, Fathom, don't seem to tick all the boxes.

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By CMP Accountant
11th Feb 2022 14:00

I too would be interested in hearing other peoples thoughts on this same topic. We also use Xero, and have several sales staff on commissions structures that we would need to factor in to the forecast - including a few based outside the UK.

I have tried LivePlan, but it didn't have enough functionality to achieve what is needed.

Planful seems to fit the bill, but I haven't been able to find the price point yet, and I have not yet made contact with them.

Sorry to not add anything useful, just commenting that I am in the same boat.

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By Kacey2015
11th Feb 2022 14:08

Thanks for your input.
Planful looks interesting but I fear it is in the same price bracket as Vena, which when you only pay a couple of hundred a month for Xero and a few apps, seems like quite a leap just for a reporting tool, when fathom et al are so much cheaper.
I don't feel the functionality I need is unique or over complicated, so it would be good to find some middle ground.
Xero is working for us, so we don't need an all singing and dancing full suite of new softwares, just some better reporting/forecasting tools.

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By D V Fields
12th Feb 2022 22:30

For me it is Microsoft Excel every time.
Most likely your commercial package will not be able to do one or more things. If you are prepared to carefully specify your requirements and have the skills and time to devote to producing it then it will pay dividends.

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By Moonbeam
13th Feb 2022 09:05

That reminds me. There are a few good people out there who specialise in setting up Excel sheets for this sort of thing. It might be worth having a look through LinkedIn and checking them out, or googling for them.
I'd think of going down this route if I had the requirement. My own Excel skills are just not up to scratch in comparison.

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By Guilford Accounting
17th Feb 2022 11:55

Jo Sparkes can do this for you [email protected]

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By SAM1965
17th Feb 2022 12:49

Castaway as you have in you title is the most comprehensive forecasting software that I've come across - although it's desktop only, the links with Xero and Excel (so you can utilise this for specific calculations etc) make it incredibly flexible.

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