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CCH Error 3001 & 3320

CCH Error 3001 & 3320


I have tried to file a corporation tax return for the first year of trading for a client.  The period from 3 April 2013 to 2 April 2014 has been filed but I can not file the return for 3 April 2014 to 30 April 2014.

I am using CCH and have received an error message 3001 - The submission of this document has failed due to departmental specific business logic in the Body tag.

Error reported by HMRC

I have also received the error 3320 - The period to which this return's computation applies does not coincide with the effective from/to dates of the referenced Computation Taxonomy.  Please correct and re-submit.

Can anyone help please?  Thanks


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15th Jul 2014 11:17

CCH, perhaps?

These are HMRC error codes, but why don't you call CCH and ask them?  They will have been asked the question many times before and will be able to point you in the right direction.

Error 3001 is a generic rejection.  The relevant message is Error 3320.  If you look at page 11 of HMRC's CT Validation Rules, you will see more detail on why your submission was rejected.

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15th Jul 2014 11:20

Many years ago I used CCH

The updates can take months, so you may not yet be able to file a year end of 30 April 2014 until CCH release the updates, or they may have released the update but you have yet to implement it.

One year we had to wait until around October time for the update!

Give CCH a call and find out when the update was released.

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15th Jul 2014 11:33

It's a Finance Bill thing

Until the Finance Bill becomes the Finance Act (next week) HMRC cannot operate the revised rate of corporation tax and the new marginal relief rates, even though the company might only be liable at 20% anyway.  It is stupid because the power has always existed under the Provisional Collection of Taxes Act (which does include CT) to include the new rates in the budget resolution and implement the change immediately from 1 April.  Whoever drafts the resolution is obviously unaware that this could be done and so every year those who want to submit a return early are thwarted.  At least from 2016 onwards we should be released from this nonsense with a flat rate of 20% for all - but don't hold your breath, the 30% and 19% rates are still used for those companies subject to the special Ring Fence rules (North sea oil etc) and so HMRC will probably continue with this idiocy preventing companies from filing early!

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15th Jul 2014 11:57


I'd agree with Euan and Shirley, call CCH support, they are a nice bunch of people.

As Shirley suggests the problem appears to be that the computation taxonomy is out of date. There is a new dimensional XBRL taxonomy that came into effect from April 2014, so you probably need a software update. Have you checked their website for the latest download?

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By Duhamel
15th Jul 2014 13:05

As Paul says
it's to do with the Finance Act. You should be able to file it once the Finance Act receives Royal Assent, which should be later this month.

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By Ameir
16th Jul 2014 15:34

CCH Error 3001 & 3320

Hi, thanks for all the advice above.

I have requested a software update and will wait for 3-4 weeks prior to attempting to submit the return again.

Thanks once again!



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16th Jul 2014 21:41

In previous years
Hmrc have not got their act together until October following Royal Assent. You would have thought it would be done within a day or so

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17th Jul 2014 01:22

HMRC server update expected 13 August

HMRC are scheduled to update the live filing service for the new AIA and MRR rates on August 13. Until that date any FY2014 computations that use the correct MRR ratio or the temporary higher AIA limit should not be filed.

However I do stress that the error code 3320 received by the OP indicates an out-of-date XBRL computation taxonomy, which has nothing to do with the rates or limits on the live site. The taxonomy only provides the structure of the uploaded XBRL, and has nothing to do with the computed figures.

For information, the XBRL namespace of the computation taxonomy required for accounting periods ended on or after 1 April 2014 is

EDIT: Modified to remove automated link. The above is not a URL but a namespace URI.

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17th Jul 2014 10:27

James is right

I had a return which wouldn't file because the accounts had been prepared before the new taxonomy classifications came in and included categories which had been added manually. These had to be recreated in the new version before it would submit

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