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CCS Collect Debt Collectors

CCS Collect Debt Collectors

One of my client's has passed on to me a request for payment, from CCS Collect -Debt Collectors. So far, so good?

The request suggests that HMRC has "authorised them (CCS) to recover amounts due" and that "you will have already received notification of this under separate cover".

Firstly, an advance notification has not been received by my client from HMRC explaining what the situation is and, secondly, on trying to speak with a CCS Collect representative, I was advised that I would need my client's authority. When I explained that I held my client's authority to deal with HMRC directly, the operator pointed out that they would need to speak with my client, before they could continue with the conversation.

The inference is that I am no longer automatically entitled to provide my client with a service in dealing with related HMRC matters.

Yet again another piece of mismanagement in the HMRC hierarchy and, once again, the " poachers" are expected to pick up the tab for the lost time and inconvenience. "Working together" - I ask you.


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By 0098087
06th Mar 2012 16:41

NO, it's not HMRC hierarchy, it's Mr G Osborne. The same 'person' who came up with centralised deductions. Luckily he was advised to stop being such an idiot..oh wait..shame he didn't with child benefit.

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06th Mar 2012 17:12

Having been given the client's authority

it's clear that the collection agency is simply given a figure to collect on behalf of HMRC. In other words, they are not provided with any specific details or historical payment information.

In this particular case, my client appears to have paid amounts, subsequent to the debt collectors being asked to pursue collection. CCS Collect will now have to revert back to HMRC, to ascertain what amounts, if any, remain collectable.

Whoever, (call me Dave, sail with me George or who'll be my friend now Nick) thought this one up, ought to be strung up!

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03rd Oct 2012 12:34

Ridiculous state of affairs

HMRC don't actually update CCSCollect with amounts received by them once the file is passed for external collection. No matter that full payment has been made, CCS will keep sending the client letters until they are contacted by the client to say that payment has been made. Then they pass the file back to HMRC.

You couldn't make it up.

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