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CCS Collect final demand

CCS Collect final demand

I am inviting commentsto a letter I sent to HMRC, after being shocked by a final demand for £800 from CCS Collect.I retired in 2005 and have always received a pension below the taxable rate. I believe the final demand arises from around the period of 2005 when pension payments and final salary payments overlap etc.It may include some penalty charges of which I am unaware.


I have always paid my taxes through the PAYE system, and the dept. of Works and Pensions have had any current addresses for correspondence since my retirement. I need to know where any previous claim/demand was sent, as I never received them, yet by some miracle a final demand for £800 was produced by a corporate agency known as CCS Collection and received by myself 25/04/2012.

There is no explanation or breakdown of how this sum was reached or the tax year or period to which it refers. If you can send me a copy of the first and original claim/demand, sent out prior to the final demand from the collection agency, I can take steps to resolve the matter without prejudice.I require assurance from HMRC that the CCS Collection letter either is, or is not designed to be misleading and to cause maximum distress to myself, the recipient.

I don't own or rent the above property or the fixtures and fittings therin, and any threats of distraint against a third party's goods is clearly designed to cause alarm and distress to my daughter who resides in the property with her family. Your agent's course of conduct may breachs.40 of the Administration of Justice Act and be subject to clauses in the Protection from Harrassment Act 1997 as my daughter is not connected to this matter.

Correspondence by letter and electonic means eg. emails is the correct course of conduct in this matter.

I will disseminate details of rhe case and extracts of all relevant correspondence from HMRC and CCS Collect for discussion by interested parties.

I hope for a speedy response by e-mail or letter....end.

It's of concern that the ease with which personal data is passed to private contractors is not challenged enough, and phrases like reform and efficiency are used by politicians of all persuasions in connivance with the process.By making govt. depts to appear less competent, they sanction the privatisation route as the solution. HNRC exists to fulfill a role, whereas CCS Collect and other agencies exist to turn a profit.

I share other contributors concerns that we are witnessing the almost impercectible withdrawal of an individuals means or ability to gain access to a legal/lawful jurisdiction and an imposition of Human rights legislation which appears to have equal authority to Health and Safety guidlines.

It's possible to have the same Human rights whichever side of the cell door you happen to be on, but no guarantee to a lawful/legal jurisdiction if you are on the wrong side of the cell door. Therin lies the contradiction of box ticking Human rights replacing access to due process and the benefit of doubt etc.

I'm sorry for going off the point, and welcome comments, hostile or otherwise, and hope the site keeps up the good work. 


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01st May 2012 13:15

statement of account

Why not just ring up HMRC and ask for an up to date but detailed statement of account? That will show you how the charge is made up.


If it is a round sum of £800 + interest and you have ever been in the SA system I would guess you have been sent tax returns you have not sent back and these are the late filing penalties for 4 years.


Easy to check with HMRC if you have outstanding tax returns (if they issued them then you need to complete and send back - they might agree to cancel dep on your circs - cancelling returns is quite a new departure for them though).


(I do realise of course you will spend hours on phone waiting to speak to HMRC but it might be worth it).


All the agency get is details of your debt - they cannot go behind it - you need to speak to HMRC about that.




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