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Hi. Could you please advise me, on how I can claim my confirmation of CPD point? I sent the filled form more than a month ago, but I still didn't receive any email for this.

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By stepurhan
29th Feb 2024 10:44

Send a message to the person/business you did the CPD with instead of posting on a public forum?

I'm not sure how you are expecting anyone here to answer this.

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Replying to stepurhan:
By FactChecker
29th Feb 2024 14:45

IF (and I grant you that's a big if) OP is referring to CPD points that apparently are gained for 'attending' certain webinars (or whatever) on this site ... then the query should be sent to [email protected] (along with a bit more information to help them track down OP's involvement in a particular event).

But totally agree that it's an odd/impossible question to post here!

OP: it'd also be a good idea to take more care with your typing, especially when using acronyms, as CDP means many things - none of which are CPD!

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Replying to FactChecker:
By stepurhan
29th Feb 2024 15:03

I suspect you are correct, though my advice still stands of course. The address you give is a possibility, but most webinars have a contact address associated with them, even if this site hosts them.

I think anyone that cannot work that out themselves has bigger problems in a professional context than maintaining their CPD record.

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