Central management of co on death of sole director

Central management and control of company by executor on death of sole director

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I have got a new client who's father recently passed away. Their father resided in Spain and was the sole director/shareholder of a spanish company. The company owns one property.

My client is his son who is the executor so will be made shareholder on probate. The son resides in the UK.

The plan is to sell the property and liquidate the spanish company.

My question is, given that the executor resides in the UK, will the company now be deemed to reside in the UK due to central management and control rules, or is there some sort of exemption on the death of a sole director?

I can't seem to find any guidance on this, so would be really grateful for your opinions and any useful links.

Thanks in advance.

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paddle steamer
17th Apr 2024 16:43

Given company holds property does tax residence and liability not follow country property is within?

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Replying to DJKL:
By Bobbo
17th Apr 2024 16:58

Could be deemed resident in both?

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