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If an individual purchases a shop for say £25km in 1980, used it to trade from within their business until 1990, then rented the property out and stops trading, am I right in the following:

no Indexation allowance as the gain is proceeds less MV at Mar 82?

Also entrepreneur's relief not available?

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By Steve Kesby
28th Jul 2014 09:28


... you are right. You seem to be confusing pounds and kilometres though.:)

I assume that the property is rented to a third party, rather than, say, the individual's personal company?

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By johngroganjga
28th Jul 2014 09:59

Just to clarify, the reason why there is no indexation allowance is that it was abolished for individuals several years ago.

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By Jigs
28th Jul 2014 16:27

Lol Steve, many thanks for this. Yes unfortunately it was rented to a third party so no associated disposal possible here.

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