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CGT on Austrian property

Is PPR available on Austrian property

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Client has rented her own house in the uk but owned one in Austria.

Is PPR available on the Austrian property.  In the past she has spent something like half her time in Austria.


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By penelope pitstop
18th Sep 2019 18:11

So she owns two properties.
For starters, has she used them both as a home for herself.

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Replying to penelope pitstop:
By timkingcott
24th Sep 2019 12:59

Just to clarify

she only has the one house-the Austrian one.
she pays rent for her uk property

Historically has spent half the year In Austria

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By Accountant A
18th Sep 2019 18:22

Not sure what the position would have been but there were changes in 2015:

What is the Austrian tax treatment, as a matter of interest?

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Replying to Accountant A:
By timkingcott
24th Sep 2019 13:05

She has paid nearly 40,000 euros in Austrian tax but I have not had sight of the tax calculation yet.

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