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CGT on disposal of investment in woodland

Transaction fees associated with disposal of woodland

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I am looking at the disposal of commercial woodland out of a deceased estate. I have the values for 'assets chargeable to CGT' at the relevant dates (date of death and date of disposal) and so am able to establish the relevant chargeable consideration and allowable costs.  There was a transaction fee charged by the broker for the disposal and I'm looking for guidance on whether I can deduct the whole of this fee against the gain, or whether I need to apportion it.  I haven't (yet) found any relevant guidance.


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By Wilson Philips
08th May 2019 12:40

I would say that no apportionment is required. The legislation says that in computing the gain you simply ignore the consideration attributable to the trees. HMRC guidance follows this, stating that the gain is computed in the normal way (presumably taking into account all costs) but excluding consideration for the trees.

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