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CGT on UK Property Account-Agent Services Account

Removing agent authorisation from my agent services account regarding CGT on UK Property

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I am trying to remove my agent services account authorisation regarding CGT on UK Property as the client has left and is now doing this stuff themselves. The ASA account routine will not accept the log in reference and postcode for the client despite it letting me use those references to get in to the client CGT on UK Property account itself.

Has anyone met this problem and/or know how to solve it?


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Helen Thornley Profile picture
By Helen Thornley
24th Jan 2022 09:48

Hi - I'm not sure how (or if) the agent can do it, but the client is supposed to be able to remove you if they have retained the original email link - see the little box some way down

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Replying to Helen Thornley:
By Arbitrary
16th Feb 2022 15:02

Thank you Helen. Very clear reference. Forwarded links to client and the client has effected this. Sorry not to have replied earlier.

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