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CGT online 30 days tehnical issues

CGT online 30 days tehnical issues (again)

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Ok  we  are probably not alone inhating this  cgt30 day  thing.

Seems  like  there is an  issue  with digital handshakes   (Jazz  hands??)  -  not sure if client has  done anything wrong or  not.

I was told to contact agent  dedicated line but they know nowt  and  i am now   stuck awaiting   callback -  lets hope tehlackof  64-8 is nota  killer here -  time for paper form meeethinks?


Error message received  by client

 "Unfortunately there is an ongoing issue effecting some CGT customers which is preventing them from completing the authorisation online.

Please ask your agent to contact the Agent dedicated line (found here) and advise that they have received the access denied message when attempting to complete the digital handshake for CGT; they will also need to provide your reference and NINO."


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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
25th Oct 2021 18:12

Not sure why you are even bothering with it.

Paper file does the job nice and quick.

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