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Chaffeur Business & Capital Allowances

Chaffeur Business & Capital Allowances

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Are limousines (expensive, 6-door, etc) subjected to the WDA limits for cars even where there is only a business use involved? Has anyone had any dealings with the Inspectors on this matter?
Paul Chillman

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By albogolf
21st Feb 2003 17:13

I have had a tax return inquiry into a chauffer, all the books and computations were made available. The computations for c/a's for the motor vehicle include a claim for FYA and were accepted by the inspector.

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By AnonymousUser
20th Feb 2003 13:09

What do you use them for?
If the cars are leased to customers then they qualify for full 25% WDA provided that they meet the conditions for "qualifing hire cars".

You must be leasing the cars as a business.


The cars must not be used by the same person for more than 30 consecutive days and more than 90 days in one year.


The car is provided to someone claiming disability allowance or similar.

Section 82 CAA 2001 gives the full story.

Otherwise, the £3,000 pa limit applies.

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By Paul.Chillman
20th Feb 2003 17:12

The business involves driving clients, mostly in London, and mostly foreign visitors (such as minor arab royalty and such like).

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