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Change of accountant

Change of accountant

Would you expect to receive a heads up from the book keeper that a client was thinking of leaving?


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15th Dec 2011 12:10

I would like to think yes.....

..... as this would mean that you have a reasonably good relationship with that book keeper and perhaps they hold you in high regard, even though the client potentially doesn't. Is the book keeper any good? what reason have they given you for thinking the client is considering changing accountants? Is there something you can do or not do better?

It may be that the book keeper is hoping to have a continued relationship with you and would not want this to break down as a result of you loosing the mutual client.

I would look at the positive that the book keeper has informed you of this, this way you may be able to do something about it before they actually move accountants.


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15th Dec 2011 12:39



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15th Dec 2011 12:53

Yes, but . .

Yes, but I have had experience where the bookkeeper has screwed up and so fearing they might get into some bother with the client started bad-mouthing the accountant. Got their revenge in first so to speak, even though the accountant had no intention of dropping the bookkeeper in it.

If the bookkeeper has the client's favour, their relationship is going to be stronger than yours is with the client. Equally, the bookkeeper's loyalty is with the client and not you.

As far as relationships in that triangle go, it is generally naive to think that yours is anything but the weakest. It means you have to try that much harder.

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