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Change of address

HMRC wants us to re register each individual client

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We have added an office and wish to treat it as our main correspondence address.

HMRC VAT has advised  that our original registration will fail and we will have to apply client by client for new authorisation to accommodate our new address.

The questions are: can that be correct? It seems unreasonable in the extreme. If that is the case, does it apply to each individual tax eg SA, CT and so on.

We have tried calling HMRC Agent Support, but the call system dumps us as we don't want to speak about a client.

Any guidance would be great. A phone number that works would be helpful too!

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By spilly
28th Feb 2017 16:44

Why not just use the agent number for one client first and then ask your question?

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By Paul D Utherone
28th Feb 2017 17:52

You could try your AAM, but the VAT element of the Agent Area of HMRC proved the one stumbling block for us on a merger.

Tax & CT merge clients on two agent codes - yes no problem

Same for VAT - Not a chance

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By LindaALB
03rd Mar 2017 17:46

I have changed my office address 3 years ago and literally it took me 2 good years of letters to AAM, calls to online help and any other department you name it I have tried, finally changed it last year and I do not even know how. Now I have to move to a different office and guess what my biggest stress is changing the address again. Just spoke to HMRC VAT dep as non VAT reg agent change of address and he said we can not do it. He gave me Alexander House SS99 1BD to send a letter to.

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