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Change of Agent Details - I have now incorporated

Change of Agent Details - I have now incorporated

Morning all,

I have recently moved from being a sole trader to a limited company

My HMRC agent is registered as "My Name Financial Management"

My limited company is called "My Initials Financial Management Limited"

What is the simplest way for me to get the agent name changed. Will a name change suffice or because it is a new entity is it a totally new agent ID needed? (Please No!?!)

I believe the address for agent changes is below, I was hoping to simply send them a letter with the change of name....

HM Revenue & Customs
Central Agent Authorisation Team
Agent Maintainer
Benton Park View 
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE98 1ZZ

thanks in advance



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22nd Dec 2012 10:54

You could try changing your name on the HMRC website, however I fear you will be treated as a separate new entity (Good luck)

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22nd Dec 2012 11:42

This happened to me

I incorporated last August. I used to be a sole trader using my own name. Now my limited company name is very different.

On advice from someone else on Aweb I wrote to HMRC, on sole trader notepaper, at the address you have, quoting all my HMRC reference numbers, and stating that I would be operating as a limited company from x date, requesting them to change the name.

They did this surprisingly quickly.

I am still using my old login/password  to login to HMRC's website. it still shows my name rather than the ltd co name, but if I write to HMRC about any client registered with me on my ltd co notepaper, they happily acknowledge that the company is now the agent.

I would like HMRC to use my limited co name on their website, but don't dare to ask for anything else, as I have more or less achieved my objective!

I hope you have the same smooth passage as I did.

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By redman7
22nd Dec 2012 11:59

thanks guys,

Moonbeam, I'll do what you did, hope it works the same!


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22nd Dec 2012 13:34

Name Change.

Be lazy. Use both.

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22nd Dec 2012 18:34

I never bothered to tell HMRC when I added ltd to the end of my name over 10 years ago, and they don't seem to notice whether I use ltd or not when I tell them who I am on the phone...

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23rd Dec 2012 06:52

I have incorporated too
But won't be bothered with the admin hassle with HMRC. My firm name is the same except for "limited" so no harm done in my opinion. There's no way I want to wait on new agent codes and process new 64-8 or authorisation codes!

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23rd Dec 2012 08:52

No New Agent codes/64-8's involved

I still have exactly the same agent codes/logins as I had before.

Only difference is that HMRC accept ltd co name on correspondence to them and write to Ltd co.

It really just took that one letter for me to change.

Knowing how pedantic HMRC people can be, if you don't set up things properly now, some officious type may well cut you off at the knees later if they "discover" your legal entity has changed.

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