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Change of details to HMRC

Change of details to HMRC

He is moving house and wants me to fill in the above to notify HMRC.  Not such an issue as we'd normally do a letter anyway, but it has made me realise I have never filled in any such page when I moved house (and HMRC seem to always find me anyway).

Is the form new or have I just never seen it?


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01st Nov 2011 16:26

Very confusing form

It calls itself a 'structured e-mail' (which is an interesting concept) and seems to allow you to change all sorts of information about your client - even their name.

Sorry - I think its legitimate, but I still wouldn't trust it.

Royal Mail still wins when dealing with anything other than standard electronic returns. Including 1st class stamp and proof of posting (for what its worth).

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01st Nov 2011 18:14

Use your own login to HMRC

If you login to self assessment on line, select your client, go to the about your client page, or maintain your client,there will be a link there to enable you to change his address. I have done this successfully for a client.

I don't ever remember seeing this form but perhaps I did.

I certainly wouldn't want to fill that form in as it seems to collate far too much information in one place to risk putting over the internet

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to margaretvalentine
01st Nov 2011 20:28

agree with Marion

I always login as agent and change the client's address online. Annoyingly, you can't do this for companies, only for individuals.

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02nd Nov 2011 08:09

About your client

I am on the right computer now and this is the section where you can change name, address and phone numbers. Maintain seems to only deal with our references for them.

Rather ironic that the first help point on the data form this link goes to says HMRC will never use email to transmit personal information as it is too dangerous!!

I have now found this form but it has instructions (my italics!) which say:

If your circumstances have changed and you've changed address or your name you can let HMRC know using their email service. This method is:

quick and easysafe and secureconvenient for youneed only tell HMRC onceone where you get an immediate online acknowledgement

If you're registered for Self Assessment Online, you're leaving the UK, you would like to change your business name or address or you have previously been given specific instructions about contacting HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) you'll need to use a different method 

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