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Change of HMRC policy when writing to agents?

Has the policy of HMRC writing to agents changed at all?

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We submitted an appeal against a late filing pnelaty back in August. We still haven't received a response, but on enquirig it turns out they have responded direct to the client. 

In the letter it states:

"We've changed the way we give our customers confidential information. We no longer write direct to an agent or authorised third party."

Have I missed something? When did it become HMRC policy not to respond to a registered agent?

Has anyone else experienced this? 

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By CazzyT
08th Nov 2018 13:37

Yes, often.
It seems HMRC will only be happy when they have removed us from the loop completely. I mean why would someone need an agent? They have a PTA ..... (cries into cup of tea!!)

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By LucyCharles
08th Nov 2018 13:54 that's why I can't obtain any client authorisations, they don't want me to have any!

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Femi O. Ogunshakin
By fawehinmi
08th Nov 2018 22:03

This is news to me. I've been getting direct responses from HMRC on client matters but it wouldn't surprise me if a local office has decided to adopt a 'new' approach to dealing with agents. If so, it's not right and it's certainly not fair to either the agent or client.

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