Change of Office address notifying HMRC

Change of office address notifying HMRC

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I am in the process of moving my office. 
My question is how do you advise HMRC so that their agent authority reflects my new address and all their correspondence will be sent to the new address. Also how long does it take HMRC to process the change. 

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By FactChecker
18th Feb 2024 22:49

Very best of luck ... unless HMRC has substantially changed/improved their processes (plural 'cos you can't do it all in one place) in the last year or so.

If you've a strong stomach, have a read of: and

The only consistency seems to be lack of consistency ... oh and HMRC taking forever.

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By Dougscott
18th Feb 2024 22:54

And, apart from Corporation Tax, it can take them several months to update the record which is par for the course with HMRC.

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By Cylhia66
19th Feb 2024 06:24

When I moved 3 years ago, HMRC updated their systems with my new agent address for CT and SA pretty swiftly. No issue there at all.

Regarding VAT, from memory, I don't think you can change your agent address (I know there was some issue).

PAYE, I tried, countless times, but they have never been able to update their systems. That said, the mail for PAYE is not generally sent to the agents, it's always sent to the employers, so it's not really a big deal. You just have to remember to give HMRC the old address when you give them a call.

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By johngroganjga
19th Feb 2024 08:59

I did this myself recently. For corporation tax you can do it yourself online. For self assessment and VAT (the only others I had to deal with) I sent (separate) letters for each service to the same address, and they were acted upon in a couple of weeks at most.

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By SXGuy
19th Feb 2024 16:52

Tried it 5 years ago. Only managed SA and CT. Moved again and this time did PAYE by listing all paye references for each employer and it actually worked.

Vat you'll have no chance unless you are a vat registered agent.

BTW be prepared for a follow up letter asking to confirm your aml supervision and make sure you respond in good time or they will shut off your agent access.

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Replying to SXGuy:
By Hazel Accounts
20th Feb 2024 11:42

Also moved 5 years or so ago - all changed ok except VAT who apparently can't change it unless you are VAT reg.............

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By mkowl
20th Feb 2024 09:43

We did 4 months ago just by changing the agent details on the portal, we also wrote to HMRC as well. The odd thing still comes through via mail redirect and we pop into the old office to collect any other mail and then inform accordingly.

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By FactChecker
20th Feb 2024 13:33

The wide variety of experiences points to one of two equally worrying scenarios:
1. HMRC's systems are so piecemeal that 'simple' instructions (on what to do) are being followed slightly differently by otherwise competent people; and/or
2. HMRC's systems share at least one trait with the now infamous Horizon system - in that it's pot luck as to which updates notified to them are or aren't applied.

Not sure which is worse, but you need a strong constitution if you move office!

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By rockallj
21st Feb 2024 00:40

I moved premises over 10 years ago and notified all taxes for HMRC.
Letters are still referring to that address over 10 years later.

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