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Change of Partnership name

Change of Partnership name

I have just discovered that a VAT registered client (Partnership) have changed their company name a member of staff recognised the name of one of the partners in an advertisment. When i called the client they said they only changed the name, everything else (partnership struture, bank account, staff, trading address was the same) they just forgot to tell me!

As i now have to sort out the official side of things i just wanted some advice from more learned members. Is it possible to simply change over the partnership name with HMRC or do you have to set up a new partnership? can you please advise how its done (write a letter or fill a particular form?

Will VAT office accept the change of name or do they have to do a VAT number transfer?

Thank you for your advice


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26th Mar 2010 14:56

Just keep a copy of everything!

Aren't clients lovely, always keeping us up to date and making us feel involved!

Have had some recent fun with the Revenue on this sort of thing.  Letters should be fine to the VAT office (I take it this is still essentially the same partnership carrying on the same business).  May need to register new partners as self employed if they aren't already.

We had an existing partnership, added one partner and changed name (moved from one pub to another in fact).  Wrote to VAT office to advise of the added partner and change of name/address, that all went fine.  So, VAT office, no problem in this case.

Filled in a CWF1 for the new partner, including the partnership UTR, new partner was registered fine under SA.

Sent 07/08 partnership SAR in advising of change of name address we had put on the front.  Submitted 08/09 return the same, but now the new partner (but none of the existing) is getting £100 penalty notices for a partnership with a totally different UTR.  Tax office said they had accidentally set another record up for the partnership with exactly the same details but didn't know why.  i.e. what we did should have been fine.

That's why, I am saying keep a record of everything and check after say 1 month that the changes have been made - HMRC seems to be a black hole for any correspondence sent to them these days, even their own forms!

Good luck.

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