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Change Year-end on Sage Line 50 Accountant

Change Year-end on Sage Line 50 Accountant

Our client has always had a 30th April accounting year-end. The last accounts were prepared for the year ended 30th April 2008. For tax reasons we want to change the year-end going forward to 31st March, so there will be a set of accounts for the eleven months ended 31st March 2009.

The client uses Sage Line 50 Accountant version 11. The option to change the year-end is not available via the Settings menu and the Help menu suggests that is available in Sage Line 50 ‘Accountant Plus’ and Sage Line 50 ‘Financial Controller’.

What options are available to the client and roughly how much would they cost?

Jeffrey A


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By Anonymous
30th Apr 2009 17:49

Liquid Accounts has a facility to change year end and have irregular accounting periods longer or shorter than 12 months.

For £50 (£100 if complex) they will convert existing Sage data into Liquid Accounts format.

Liquid Online is set to become the new Sage. You heard it here first. Oh, and they'll value you much more than Sage.

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30th Apr 2009 17:22

Vote with your feet""
Apologies Andy, you are indeed quite right.

Voting with one's feet has always been the ultimate consumer solution.

Option 3 - Move on - agreed.

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30th Apr 2009 15:42

Some years ago
I recall a story about a Sage customer being in the same position. When Sage refused to change the year-end without receiving more money he sued them on the basis that the software was unfit for purpose. Subsequently, change of year-end facility via the settings menu became a standard feature.

David has omitted the best option. Move from Sage and find a software partner that values you.

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29th Apr 2009 18:21

Sage Year End
I believe there are a couple of options open to you Jeff.

The first is simply to get your client to upgrade their software to the latest version of Sage Line 50. Sage will be stopping support for Sage Line 50 Version 11 from 30 April 2011. I know this is a long way off, but there are a number of offers on at the moment with Sage to help promote the take-up of the newer versions. Not sure what the prices are, but I am sure it will not be difficult to find out.

Secondly, if your client has sage cover, they can e-mail their accounts data to Sage, who will make the adjustment for them. This would normally be turned around within 5 working days, and the data e-mailed back to the client.

If your client does not have sage cover, there will be a charge, again not sure of the exact cost, but Sage will advise, and it will be purely be a comparison between a programme upgrade or sage making the adjustment.

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