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Changes to agent details at HMRC after incorporation

Changes to agent details at HMRC after...

We have incorporated from Sole Practicioner to LTD.

Currently I am the authorised HMRC agent for our clients, ie in my personal name.

Would it be possible to get all the client authorisations moved over to the Company name? What's the best way for this?

Thanks in advance


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22nd Feb 2013 15:08

just let them have the new (company) name

That's all I did - no change of agent numbers: everything now comes addressed to the company.

I doubt the person I spoke to was aware of (or cared about) the legal niceties behind the change. 

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23rd Feb 2013 00:55

I believe this can only be changed by 'writing' to the Agent Maintainer. I did this and got acknowledgement within a week.

Much quicker than the initial process of registering as an agent!

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