Changes to Engagement Letters

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I'd be interested to know how other practitioners deal with changing engagement letters when new services i.e. VAT Returns etc are added and nothing else changes.

Do others issue a whole new engagement letter or an appendum to the existing one?

Many thanks in advance!

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By Yellowman
19th Oct 2023 09:28

How soon was the last one? 3 years usually get a new one.

I have heard of people tagging it on and sending to client saying we have updated our terms for the service you require. We will consider your acceptance if we do not hear from you for X number of days. Save email in permanent file.

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Johny Fartpants Picture
By johnny fartpants
19th Oct 2023 11:41

Hi Kevin. I issue a new engagement letter if a new service but try to design the engagement letters in a way that, unless a new service is renewed, these don't need to be re-issued unless new services change in the way you have described (e.g. they specify that prices are x at date of letter but will rise by CPI at start of each calendar year).

It is very difficult to keep on top of this so I guess others may prefer another approach. I am lucky in that my client base is well established and very few clients are taken on each year / the services provided rarely change to the existing clients who will typically have been clients for a decade or more.

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