Changing a PAYE tax code

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Just thought I would share latest calamity with HMRC, quite funny I guess but wasted some time....


Basically I had a Client (ironically my ex wife) who had a new second job which was no her main one but HMRC had assumed it was or she ticked the wrong box which is more likely.


So I completed an online request for a tax code change form P2. Almost immediately I got an email saying thanks for that but the P2 service was no longer available and I had to contact HMRC by phone on the agent hotline or by post.


Tried the hotline which really wasn't very hot as there was a 50 minute wait according tothe recorded message. After 25 minutes a client turned up so had to end the wait anyway and wrote a letter instead.


Then 3 days after the original P2 submission I get another HMRC email saying thanks for the P2 we have changed your Clients tax code. Have checked and they have....


So the online code change does not work but it does......

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By Not Anonymous
20th May 2024 18:12

Or it could be that it was coincidence and the new code was issued in response to the first RTI submission HMRC received?

They tend to come through quite quickly, especially when the change is relatively straightforward like 1257L should really be BR.

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Replying to Not Anonymous:
By FactChecker
20th May 2024 18:44

True ... but OP says he received:
"HMRC email saying thanks for the P2 we have changed your Clients tax code".

I've never known HMRC to 'link' RTI with incoming emails - and generate a reply!

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Replying to Not Anonymous:
By paulhelliker
20th May 2024 21:23

The second email was same format as the first and said the same first bit something like thankyou for submitting a form P2.

It was then different afterwards in that it said a new code has been issued and that appeared on the HMRC agent site a couple of days later

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