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Changing an enrolment date on Nest - how to do it?

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I have a new client and have spotted that, for a couple of the employees, the enrolment date on Nest is wrong. A couple of employees weren't registered on Nest until 3 months after joining, and the client hasnt written any postponement letters for them. Consequently, the employees are missing several months worth of contributions in their pensions pot and we have agreed that we want to put this right.

I cannot work out the best way to rectify this on Nest - there is the option of Exception schedules (which says that they can be used when late enrolment happens), and that would ensure that I can top up the pension pots to the right amount. However that will leave the enrolment date wrong... which is not ideal.

Alternatively, Nest says I should de-enrol someone (takes up to 5 days) then re-enrol them with the correct start date. Happy to do this, but does de-enrolling cause refunds to be paid with regards the de-enrolled employee? One employee enrolment date that I want to amend goes right back to the 2018/19 tax year. I don't really want 3 years of contributions coming back for them, only to have to resubmit all the schedules again just for an additional 3 months right at the start.

There doesn't seem to be a simple way to just notify Nest that I need to move the enrolment date back by 3 months and top up with the required funds. 

Any ideas much appreciated.

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By southgirlaccountant
26th Feb 2021 16:08

Ok so just had a webchat with Nest about this - I was told not to change the enrolment date (Its not possible) and to just use an exception schedule to top up any back dated contributions.
I will do this - all looks very straight forward. But do you think there could be issues with incorrect enrolment dates? eg if ever checked by pensions regulator for compliance?

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Replying to southgirlaccountant:
By alialdabawi
26th Feb 2021 16:57

Personally think that any issues the regulator(s) would have with the incorrect dates would be offset with a vote of satisfactory compliance from them once the corrective measures taken have been demonstrated
To begin with, I don't think this will come up on anyone's radar anyway

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